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There are many things to consider when planning and designing your dream garden office, and our experienced project managers are happy to help guide you through the whole process.  Below is some information, guidance and help to get you started.



Choosing the right cladding for your garden room is an important decision - it probably has the biggest impact on the appearance and longevity of your outdoor building. The finish and natural durability of the wood are both factors to consider along with cost. You also need to think carefully about whether you'd prefer a maintenance-free option.


We offer a number of alternatives to suit every taste and budget.  It's also possible to mix and match the different finishes on yourgarden room - to suit your own particular requirements or to reduce cost.   All our timber cladding is pressure-treated FSC sustainable Scandinavian redwood, western red cedar or larch.  


If you need any further advice or a recommendation on which option to go for then we are only too happy to help. 

Give our team a call on 01480 277441 or e-mail us at

Exterior cladding



Canadian cedar is our most popular cladding choice.


With a natural beauty and warmth, its deep colour is complemented by a uniform fine grain. 


Canadian cedar is naturally durable. If left untreated the colour will fade to silvery-grey,  adding to its character.




Like its Canadian cousin, English cedar is naturally durable and doesn't require maintenance.


English is the more affordable of the two cedar options. It has a rustic feel with a lighter overall tone and a knottier appearance.




Pine is a pale cladding, with colours ranging from creamy-white through to yellow-brown.


Being a softwood, it isn't as durable as other woods and

will need treating to prolong

its appearance.

Pine is one of the most affordable cladding options we offer, but still remains a quality option.




Larch - like pine - is a softwood. It has a high resin content making it naturally durable. It can be left to weather naturally without treatment, or can be stained to add a flash of colour to your garden.


Larch cladding is rich and warm in colour, and the natural knot and grain definition add plenty of character. 




Composite cladding has several benefits over wood , but still retains a modern and stylish aesthetic. 


Made from recycled materials, composite supports sustainable living and is also very easy to maintain - requiring no treating or staining. 


Composite cladding comes in a variety of colours including oak, walnut, stone and granite.




Maintenance-free Cedral panels are a great option for  anyone who wants  a good-looking modern finish without the hassle of having to treat it regularly. 

One of the benefits of Cedral

is that it  is available in an huge range of colours.


Whatever look you're trying to achieve there will be one to suit. 




Thermowood is sourced from Redwood. Natural, thermal modification enhances the wood’s natural attributes resulting in a desirable dark brown, which is incredibly stable and durable.

The thermal treatment changes the chemical and physical properties of the timber permanently resulting in an attractive and cost efficient wood that doesn't require treating.




There is a huge variety of doors and windows that can be incorporated in to your garden office.  Our standard package includes a set of sliding or french doors, plus an additional full height window, with additional options available as an upgrade.  Bifold doors can be particularly effective in adding to the 'outside in' feeling that your garden room naturally evokes.

Each of our doors includes a galvanised steel reinforced Eurocell 70mm uPVC profile, high security multi-point locking system and double glazed 28mm toughened Low-E safety glass.


All our garden room designs allow flexibility as to positioning of the windows and doors to best suit the space and surrounding landscape.

Doors & windows



Our garden offices are designed for year-round use, and will be just as cosy as the rest of your home. The insulation is integrated in to the walls, floor and ceiling. 

PIR panels

For our walls we use PIR insulating panels. This is a closed-cell, rigid foam board insulation faced with high performance aluminium that maximises the thermal properties of the polyurethane foam. Each wall panel also incorporates a water proof membrane on the exterior face to avoid any moisture ingress to the structure.

Floor and wall insulation

Our floors and ceilings are also filled with PIR insulation. This type of insulation has uniformly small closed cells which make it suitable for a wide range of demanding insulating applications.

Window and door insulation

The doors and windows are fully double glazed.




The structure of the garden room needs a solid and level base to be supported from, and this can be provided in a number of different ways:

Concrete slab

A concrete slab is a very tried and tested method of providing a base as it is cost-effective in terms of the whole installation. We can often utilise an existing base from a previous structure in a garden, saving time and money. Generally a concrete slab needs to be 100mm in depth with the top surface at the level of the rest of the garden, plus 100mm larger around all sides of the structure.

Ground screws
These are a quick and cost efficient method of providing foundation support and is our preferred fixing method when a concrete base isn't present.  

Concrete piles
Depending on the ground conditions it's also possible to use concrete piles. These are very quick and cost efficient to install and as with the ground screws a secondary structural timber beam floor would need to be installed over the area of the garden room.
Groundworks and installation of the base are quoted as an optional extra. We are happy to provide you with precise details of what pre-installation work will be required if you choose to carry this aspect out separately.




Your garden room should be connected to the main fuse box in your house using an armoured cable. We offer this service as an additional cost when installing the garden room or you are more than welcome to use your own electrical contractor. When you choose our full installation service, a comprehensive package of lights and wall sockets is included in the price, and you can discuss with our team exactly where you would like them positioned.  If you choose a self-build garden office kit, the integral electrics and lighting is an optional extra. 


Often a Wi-Fi signal won't be strong enough to reach from your house to the garden room, so alternative provision needs to be considered. We offer two solutions to connect your garden room to the internet:

Wi-Fi range extender.

A Wi-FI power line extender kit provides stable and high-speed data transfer rate via your home's existing electrical wiring. Simply plug and play, no configuration required. 

Direct cable.

If you are having an electrical feed installed to your garden room then it is worth installing a Cat5/6 exterior cable at the same time to provide high performance internet access.

Provision for internet is supplied as an optional extra for all our garden rooms.

Electrics & internet
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